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Oleg Hulenko

Vertebro center ColunaSA is the center of the complex treatment of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Using the latest methods of treatment we can guarantee to help you restore your health without resorting to radical measures (surgery ...).


"Health can never lose its value in the eyes of man, because both in prosperity and luxury it is bad to live without health." The best doctor for any person is himself. The first step to return to a full life and good health - is to find an individual method of restoration of the powers of the organism. Our center will help you find that way.

Dr. Oleh Hulenko, The founder of the center ColunaSA, and doctor of general therapy
Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy 100%
Stone therapy100%
Anti - Cellulite program 100%
Anti - Stress program100%
Chinese medicine100%
Drain-lymphatic massage100%
Shiatsu and Hopi Ear Candling100%

Our team

In the center ColunasA our specialists will help you to solve all your problems, thanks to the huge experience and the latest techniques of modern and traditional medicine.

Dr. Oleh Hulenko

The founder of the center ColunaSA, and doctor of general therapy, leading instructor, physical therapist, reflexologist, massage therapist of highest category.

Dr. Lília Sofia Martins Arcanjo

Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Responsible for facial and body cosmetic acupuncture. Made the academic training in China.

Marina Polyakova

Responsible in Hirudotherapy and complementary therapies. Metabolism regulation.