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In the ColunaSA center we using the latest methods of treatment and can guarantee to help you restore your health without resorting to radical measures (surgery ...). The treatment based on traditional medicine, use of herbs, tinctures, creams, essential oils ...



Today, phytotherapy, the use of nutraceuticals and parapharmaceutics received a new impulse in the development. There are many new scientific research institutes of bioengineering involved in the development of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, effectively restoring human health, the study of the properties of plants and herbs and their effect on the human body.

Phytotherapy is the real means of maintaining health and wellness of all humanity. The closer we get to nature - the less we will be sick! To be healthy you need to live in harmony with nature and yourself.

Phytotherapy - a highly effective and proven for centuries traditional method of oriental medicine in the fight against many different diseases. The effectiveness of phytotherapy and, most importantly, the lack of side effects and the minimum number of contraindications due to the fact that the composition of herbal remedies contain only natural products - it's herbs, minerals, fruit juices and various plants. Herbal medicines of traditional oriental medicine (Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine) are represented by different teas, tinctures, pills, extracts, elixirs, medicinal teas, aromatic candles, as well as specialized products for female and male health.

Phytotherapy - is a complete treatment. All herbal medicines blend with each other and do not have a negative impact on the reception of certain drugs or medications. Phytotherapy can be as basic method, as act in conjunction with other conventional treatments of Oriental Medicine. As practice shows, it is the combination of phytotherapy with such techniques as acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure, auriculotherapy, warming, stone therapy, vacuum massage (cup massage), hirudotherapy and others gives the best results of treatment.



Aromatherapy - according to the encyclopedia - using of different odors as a medicine. For the first time this definition was coined by the french doctor Gattefosse at the beginning of the last century. As a beginning of aromatherapy can be considered the burning of various types of plants and flowers in religious ceremonies. But gradually have appeared others, equally effective uses of odors. Have appeared forms and ways to preserve flavors for further use.

The ancient art of aromatherapy is regaining its former glory, as from the time of Cleopatra women knew how aromatherapy, aromatic essential oils helps to become more beautiful and desirable. It is no coincidence that aromatherapy is often called aroma-magic, because well-chosen odors will help to solve health problems, rejuvenation, make you attractive, sexy, give strength and confidence.

Aromatherapy, essential oils are called "Live cosmetic", it's only natural compounds, real live cosmetics, without preservatives and additives, which the organism perceives favorable on the natural level.

On this basis, it can be asserted that the odors have a certain influence on the person and can be strong enough as a means for the treatment and as a stress relief and normalization of mood.

Stone therapy


Stone therapy - is a special massage technique that using a variety of natural stones, based on the method of thermotherapy - alternation of hot and cold effects on the body to obtain the appropriate response at the level of blood and lymph flow.

Born by earth, polished by water, sun and wind, stones for massage - it is a source of natural and cosmic energy. Specific energy of stones eliminates tension and stress, neutralizes negative energy, redistributes energy from areas where it is abundant in those areas where it is not enough. Every stone and every color carries a certain energy, provides cleaning and unblocking effect on humans.

Hot stone massage promotes relaxation of muscles, increasing intensity of metabolic processes, brings a sense of physical rest and emotional balance. The main local effect of hot stones on the tissues caused by vasodilation and hyperemia, while achieving the improvement of local blood circulation, more intensive metabolism, rapid excretion of metabolic products.

Cold stone massage (with alternating hot and cold) causes a narrowing of blood vessels and capillaries of the skin, eliminates venous congestion, improves muscle tone and increasing input of fresh oxygenated blood to the tissues.

Stone therapy sessions not only provide a relaxing effect, but also regulate the activity of the autonomic nervous system, reduce muscle pain, strengthen the respiratory and immune systems of the body, helping to overcome the mental and physical overload, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, contribute to overall improvement and increase vitality.



Hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) now became fashionable again. And this is not surprising. Modern medicine can not solve all problems with chronic diseases, and they have a lot of side effects.

Today, science knows more than a hundred species of leeches, but only one has the curative effect - Hirudomedicinalis. This species is considered endangered. So the medicinal leeches are grown on special biofactory and usable only once.

Modern medics counted in saliva of medical leeches about 30 components having medicinal properties. In addition to the blood thinner hirudin, leeches secrete an enzyme that directly lowers blood pressure, exist compounds that reduce the probability of occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques. Bioactive substances of leeches facilitating dissolving of body fat, restore the transmission of nerve impulses, provide analgesic effect. In addition to the influence of enzymes, the treatment effect is achieved by bloodletting. Small blood loss improves overall health, but do not affect the hemoglobin level.

The spectrum of diseases that use medicinal leeches in addition to the primary therapy is very wide. Treatment with leeches used in diseases of the cardiovascular system - hypertension, coronary heart disease, diseases of the blood vessels. It can be useful in some allergic diseases and rehabilitation in the postoperative period. Hirudotherapy also widely used in osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, urology and gynecology.

Chinese medicine


Western medicine even now does not have effective methods for the treatment of certain diseases, but the Chinese treatment of the same diseases could be effective, completely healing and extending the life of the patient, and improving its quality. For example, with necrosis of the femoral head oriental medicine helps to restore the health of the patient without surgery, making only moxibustion. Using the moxibustion of point on the big toe of a pregnant woman in 75% is obtained, in one week, to achieve to turn of fetal baby in the correct position.

Acupuncture ( Zhen-chiu therapy) - is a component of of reflexotherapy, one of the most effective and well-known treatments of Oriental Medicine. The therapeutic effect of acupuncture treatment is achieved by the introduction of special needles to acupuncture points on the body surface. Special rules of acupuncture treatment are based on a coherent system of "acupuncture points - the energy channels - circulation of energy - maintenance of energy balance," and on the doctrine of the two opposing principles of Yin and Yang.

Acupuncture - is method that allows you to adjust the function of the whole organism, organs and systems in particular, influencing by acupuncture on acupuncture points that are represented by specific areas of the skin with high sensitivity.

On the human body are known more than 600 acupuncture points. During treatment sessions of acupuncture, doctor may use a different number of acupuncture points, depending of the nature of the disease and the intended purpose.

Treatment by acupuncture includes 10 - 20 sessions for 30 - 45 minutes. Acupuncture has expressed effect in the treatment of most chronic diseases of internal organs, central and peripheral nervous system, locomotor system, allergic conditions, women's and men's problems, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Heating by sagebrush cigars - is one of the most famous and effective treatments in traditional Chinese medicine. The methodology based on a deep knowledge of Chinese doctors of biologically active points and methods of exposure to them by high temperatures. Special medicinal properties of Artemisia known since ancient times, but in traditional Chinese medicine warming sagebrush cigars used to restore blood circulation, normalization of metabolic processes, strengthening of energy, treatment of diseases of internal and external "cold".

Hopi Ear Candling


Hopi Candles are the oldest natural treatment of many civilizations. The tradition of using these candles come in the modern world through the American Hopi Indians in Northern Arizona. Candles are still made on the basis of the old traditional formula of the Hopi Indians.

Heat and vibration of candles help to soften and break up the wax plugs in the ears, as well as output via the lymphatic system. It's kind of detox, which continues to have effect yet 48 hours after application of candles. The composition of candles includes beeswax, honey and essential oils. Candles are recommended for those who have ringing or noise in the ears, headaches, migraines and stress.

Principle of action of ear candles: Slightly reduced pressure and vibration of air caused by the movement of the flame in the ear candle has an effect similar to a gentle massage of the eardrum. This leads to an intense feeling of pleasant warmth and to "liberate" feeling of pressure equalization in the ear, forehead and paranasal sinuses. This physical effect, often, immediately after the impact, is characterized as beneficial, normalizes blood pressure and soothing sensation, mainly in the area of the ear. Also, this action may cause freer nasal breathing and improved olfactory sensations, even if temporarily blocked nose. The procedure has a relaxing effect, a person hears a pleasant crackling noise and vibration of the flame.