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In the center ColunaSA our specialists will help you to solve all your problems. Treatment of diseases such as varicose, overweight, problems with a skin, cellulitis, chronic fatigue syndrome ...

Evminov Prophylactic Device


Clinic ColunaSA wish everyone a good health! We are proud to announce the opening of a new division and final sign of a contract with the Wellness Center of Evminov and it is exclusive in Portugal and Spain. Our staffs have been trained in Head Office in Kiev and are proud to provide all the knowledge to you.

"Evminov Prophylactic Device" is a modern approach for the treatment of degenerative disc disease and spinal diseases. Back pain make our lives unbearable, but thanks to the latest medical developments, only a few exercises a day on "Evminov Prophylactic Device" will bring a long-awaited peace.

For questions of purchasing "Evminov Prophylactic Device" and improvement of the course directly at our center you can contact us by phone: (+351) 969611974 or e-mail.