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Vertebro center ColunaSA is the center of the complex treatment of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, apitherapy, hirudotherapy, lymphatic drainage ...

Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage is one of external methods of treatment for various kinds of diseases. Its use allows to eliminate various problems that interfere the live and disrupt the functioning of the whole organism.

There are various methods of therapeutic massage. With all of this, regardless of the method chosen, several major techniques are used. This techniques include: kneading, vibration, rubbing and stroking.

Use of that massage is aimed not only for treatment, but this method is also considered a good means of of health promotion, support the functional activity of the body and prevents the occurrence of various diseases.

Relaxing massage


The main idea of relaxing massage is that the muscles relaxed by massage are transmitting to the brain calming impulses, resulting in an overall calm of the nervous system and relaxation.

During the relaxation there is a temporary deceleration of electrophysiological processes in the central and peripheric nervous system, thus achieving state close to healthy sleep. This is an extremely beneficial effect for health.

Relaxation massage helps relieve stress, physical and mental fatigue, nervous tension, helps restore mental balance ... In our difficult times, he will not give to occur a number of psychogenic diseases such as, in particular, hypertension, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, peptic ulcer stomach, and a number of others.

SPA massage


SPA - massage is not type of massage, but is one of the classifications, incorporating elements of classical russian massage, author techniques and national massage schools (e.g. Thai Traditional, Chinese acupressure, etc.)

This is not just fashionable - is a miracle, relaxing effect of this massage has beneficial effects on overall health of woman, gives her beautiful figure and high spirit. Figure correction, restoration of elasticity, relaxation - that's why massage spa is very popular.

Undoubted merit of SPA is that the therapist - is not just a professional in the field of manual therapy, is a creator who with his own hands may rediscover to us this world and return the inner harmony. And his loyal assistants in this "magic" - aromatic oils, stones, honey, herbs.

Honey massage


Honey massage now already widely known. Recently, it has become increasingly popular as a powerful health-building tool.

Medical-health effects of honey massage is extremely multifaceted, because due to the specific massage technique, honey very quickly absorbed by the skin and all the bioactive components of honey rapidly enter into the blood and are included in the metabolism.

Honey massage cleans the skin intensively because massage technique involves an element of active peeling. Massage increases blood flow and breathing through the skin. As the ancient healers have been talking, honey better anything else "feed the skin."

Honey massage well restores the normal operation of all the joints. Because honey is perfectly feeds all tissue, osteochondrosis is healing.

Effect of honey massage on the nervous system is difficult to overestimate, so this massage is an excellent prevention of mental and physical fatigue, sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders, neurasthenia. This massage effectively removes stress and depressive state.

Anti - Cellulite massage


Anti-cellulite massage significantly improves skin condition, also procedures have a positive impact on the state of the subcutaneous fat. In addition, the procedures by stimulating of metabolism and improvement of blood circulation, promote weight loss. Application areas: abdomen, buttocks, thighs. Anti-cellulite massage is used in the treatment of cellulite and elimination of local fat deposits.

Usually, one course consists of 10 - 15 anti-cellulite massage procedures, which are held twice a week. During the anti-cellulite massage are using special massage creams, gels, essential oils. They are selected individually, because enhance the effects of massage, have a smoothing and softening effect on the skin, helps to eliminate liquid excess and reduce body fat.

Regular intense impact on the problem areas leads to increased blood flow in adipose tissue. Impact: The disappearance of excess of reserve fat and cellulite deformed subcutaneous connective tissue. To achieve maximum results frequently used a combination of anti-cellulite massage with honey or cup massage.

Anti - Stress massage


Anti-stress massage is aimed at deep relaxation and restoration of energy balance. Anti-stress massage helps you quickly recover from stress and avoid diseases associated with constant stress.

Efficiency of anti-stress massage is due to the activation of our body processes of natural self-regulation. Due to its impact on the whole body anti-stress massage affects simultaneously both the psycho-emotional attitude, and the physical condition; allows you to relax, and, conversely, gain a state of "readiness" before sports, exams, surgery, in the case of responsible decision-making, implementation of projects.

Anti-stress massage accompanied by a pleasant music, aromas, light. During a relaxing massage all the senses (and even taste!) are set to pleasant pastime.

Anti-stress massage will help not only to your body but also to your spirit. You will feel tension leaving you, all the worries dissolve, and problems - could be solved. One session of relaxing massage - and the burden of problems will evaporate, and you will feel refreshed, rested and ready for new challenges!

Cup massage


Recently a lot of popularity in the fight against cellulite acquired cup massage. This popularity cap massage acquired due to its efficiency and relative simplicity. Another advantage of cup massage - the ability to treat problem areas not only on the thighs, but also on the back.

How does this wonderful method is working to combat cellulite? It's very simple! After installing cups, under vacuum, your skin is pulled and the movements of massage therapist make the blood rush to the so-called "stagnant" zones. As a result, all of the tissue richly supplied with oxygen. In the process of cup massage fat cells are destroyed and muscles shrink intensively and as a result all the metabolic processes in the body are activated. Due to the effect of vacuum components on subcutaneous fat cup massage not only helps eliminate swelling of the vascular wall, but also normalizes blood circulation, which in turn contributes to the rapid elimination of cellulite.

By the end of the session pain in joints and muscles leaves, and along with it, fatigue. Cup therapy helps with gynecological diseases, spinal disorders, hypertension, angina, migraine and insomnia. You can also say goodbye for overweight , because the vacuum ruthlessly affects the subcutaneous fat.

Drain-lymphatic massage


The scientific name lymphatic drainage implies procedures that aim to detoxify the body and skin, as well as help to get rid of cellulite and edema. Any cellulite treatment begins with it.

With age, vascular tone is reduced, and as a consequence the lymph moving through the capillaries slower and slower, and human muscle activity decreases. Hence the reduction of lymph flow. Age and sedentary lifestyle lead to deterioration of lymph. Before the procedure, it is necessary drink enough water for maximum facilitate of output of accumulated toxins from the body. Lymph provides a more uniform distribution of the liquid or its partial removal from the organism by transforming the contours of the body.

The positive effect of lymphatic drainage becomes visible immediately. It does not need to wait for months. Already after the first procedure are felt a pleasant warmth, lightness in the legs, the tide of cheerfulness. And after the second and third sessions disappear swelling, begins to flatten "orange peel", disappear the small vessels clearly visible on the body before.



Japanese massage or Shiatsu (shi - fingers ATsU - squeezing) - a method of treatment of finger pressure. Fundamentals of this method of massage are empirical. People, tired of something, such as prolonged sports games, watching TV or sitting typing on a typewriter long time, instinctively rubbing or massaging the body part that hurts or numb.

Japanese massage has not only therapeutic effect, but also provides a mental concentration of patient being treated, which stimulates the body's defenses required for disease prevention. Active participation of hands in Shiatsu increase the therapeutic effect, stimulating blood circulation under fingers and prevent congestion in other parts of the body.

Intense impact to the tips of the fingers at a japanese shiatsu massage, stimulating blood flow to the hands, favors psycho-emotional stability and physical health.